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I saw a statue at a show but don't see it on the site, what's the deal?

Our statue stock is always changing.  Rather then constantly updating the site we just keep the statues we are confident we will always have in stock.  However, if you saw a statue at a show and we have it in stock we will happily sell it to you via Paypal.  Go to our Contact Us page and email us about the statue you are interested in.

How do I clean and care for the Chaos Emeralds?

The Chaos Emeralds are crystal and should be cleaned with a soft cloth, preferably micro fiber (think eyeglass or computer screen cloth).  Do not use paper towels, but tissues will do in a pinch.  Do not use glass cleaner like Windex.  If the crystals get very dirty you can wipe them down with a lightly damp cloth.